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Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 1/A - 12051 ALBA CN   

Telephone and Fax +39 0173 361204   

Anyone, who loves and appreciates Italian wine, will be well aware of the fact that Piedmont has become one of the most important wine producing regions in Italy. Not all of Piedmont however, has the good fortune of being well suited to wine production, only a small area of hills in the southern part of the territory known as the Langhe and the Roero. In these two regions the vine has found all the right environmental conditions necessary to express itself and realise its full potential. This fact is demonstrated by the success that Piedmontese wines enjoy every year, all over the world and the ever increasing demand for these wines on the international marketplace. This is surely thanks to the individual wine producers, who have managed to create wines of extraordinary quality, able to satisfy even the most demanding of palates. This success is also due in part to the work carried out by companies like ours, selecting the finest from amongst the many wines on offer and presenting them to their customers. The Grandi Vini enoteca of Alba has been carrying this role of research and promotion for many years the fact that we do our job very well is proven by the number of customers placing their trust now, in us that increases every year. Our shop faces onto the main road that runs through the heart of Alba's historic town centre, it is a privileged vantage point from which we can observe, try and recommend the best of the new enogastronomic products that emerge each season in Piedmont. Our motto is "The enoteca where the great wines of Alba Langhe and Roero come to meet their friends" it is something we strongly believe in and we are committed to maintaining our high level of customer service. Would you like to find out a rare wine? Would you like to acquire a wine of a very limited edition? You only have to contact us and ask, and we'll do everything we can to help. This is our work philosophy and we do everything we can to always fulfil our promises. Until the next time then !!!


Piazza Medford
Free (400 places) 10 minutes away

Piazza del mercato ortofrutticolo
Free (350 places) 5 minutes away

Piazza del mercato del bestiame
Free 5 minutes away

Piazza Rossetti - Piazza Vittorio Veneto
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Piazzetta Falcone - Piazzetta Borsellino
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