In the Piedmontese dialect they used to call it "Branda", with obvious reference to the word "bruciare" (to burn). In Piemontese dialect, when the fire was roaring in the fireplace, it was said that the fire "brandava". It makes clear reference to the sensation of warmth given by a swig of spirits. Grappa is the only spirit produced in the Langhe, it is made by only a few small distilleries that produce a spirit of very high quality. A shot of grappa after a good meal is the best thing to ensure a good digestion and to prepare yourself for the next meal. There are several different kinds of grappa produced in the Langhe, all of which are fairly easy to drink and of fairly high alcohol content, the average content in Piedmont is between 42% and 45%. The Grandi Vini enoteca carries a wide range of these products, as one can see from the list available on the website.

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In addition to local grappas, we also have a selection of the best Italian and international spirits, which we have been selecting for our customers for more than thirty-five years. We are waiting for you in the wine shop or feel free to contact us by email. It will be our care to recommend those that are closest to your taste.

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