In southern Piedmont, within the province of Cuneo, there are two territories that deserve our particular attention, The Langhe and the Roero. They are hilly zones that range in altitude from 200 to 900 metres above sea level, however the zone that interests us for the moment is the zone that reaches the maximum height of 500 metres of La Morra. Why are we talking about it? Because for several years now The Langhe and the Roero have been at the centre of an unprecedented influx of tourism. People have discovered this small patch of land, an hour away from Caselle airport in Turin and two hours away from Malpensa airport in Milan. Also within fairly easy reach by car from many European centres, one finds oneself isolated from the traffic and immersed in the green of the countryside. The best that this land has to offer, is the extraordinary variety of fine wines and dishes that form the traditional cuisine of this small region, all set in a quiet atmosphere that guarantees a pleasant stay. It is difficult to find so many good things to eat and so many varieties excellent quality of wines, all together in such a small space.

Barolo Cappellano

The people of Piedmont offer all this to the friends that come and visit these places, so that they might bring fond memories of this land back home with them. We can also do more than that. Our company can deliver directly to the tables of our friends, the delicatessen products and wines of the Langhe and the Roero. Express deliveries, safe carriers, low prices, can re evoke for an evening, in America or Japan, in Australia or Finland, to give but an example, unforgettable lunches and dinners. The list of culinary delights would be a long one and is sure to leave something out; Just to mention the salamis, the cheeses, the bagna caoda, the selvaggina and the pasta. Not forgetting of course the diamond of Piedmontese cuisine, the white truffle of Alba. With regards to the wines, from products that have a good relationship between price and quality, to the pearls of local winemaking, our company can satisfy any request, as long as the product is still available. Contact us by email, a message on our social media, or a phone call, and we will do everything to make sure that you can enjoy the same unforgettable experiences that you felt during your visit to our land, in your own home. Do you need a good wine with a fair price? Contact us. Would you like to purchase a rare or unusual wine? Let us know. We'll see what we can do. The most important thing to remember is that the Grandi Vini di Alba enoteca is always available to turn every customer into a satisfied customer.

Barolo Conterno
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